The Final Exodus

A reflection of what's to come.


My brothers and sisters, there will be no pre-tribulation or mid-tribulation rapture as believed among those who misinterpret the scriptures regarding end-times. Below are a list of scriptures to consider. Keep in mind there are some things that may… key word may have occurred but there are many things that happen cyclically meaning they may repeat or something similar may occur again. There are also things that may appear to have occurred but have not and are wrongfully interpreted. It is my position that there will be a Final Exodus before the physical return of Yahusha ha Mashyach as I mentioned in times past. 

Consider the following;

Isaiah 11:12 * Isaiah 43:4-7 * Jeremiah 23:3-4 * Jerimiah 29:14 * Jeremiah 31:8-11 

Ezekiel 11:17-20 * Ezekiel 20:34-36 * Ezekiel 34:11-16 * Ezekiel 36:24 

My brothers and sisters, soon and very soon we will come to realize that end-times requires movement. Movement will not occur in an instant, we will NOT be beamed to The Promised Land. The journey from the 4-corners of the earth requires intermittent movement. I am compelled to believe extreme humbling times will bring forced movement for both the set-apart children of Yahuah as well as the wicked. Keep in mind wicked nations will gather at some point in the valley of Megiddo as it is written. Regarding The Children of Yahuah, there are those among us who will face persecution and die for Yahusha’s name. There will be individuals who will be left behind because of unbelief and or rebellion against living set-apart orders. The scriptures also inform us that there will be a falling away. It is important to understand that we must seek to discern what is expected of us individually as well as collectively.

My position of belief is that The 144,000 Hebrews and Great Multitude mentioned in Revelation 7th chapter will prove to be among this final generation. The discipline promised in Hebrews 12th chapter will prove to come as we find ourselves being perfected to fulfill a promise made by The Almighty Yahuah. Since we can be a stubborn in walking in obedience, extreme humbling times will produce the leadership as well as structure required to bring a set-apart nation into unity.

It would be wise to begin discussing The Final Exodus, especially processes & details that must occur regarding movement. Our commitment to worshipping & obeying The Almighty Father Yahuah through His Spirit sent in Yahusha’s name will be challenged. In the coming days we will face setting priorities regarding movement. There will be challenges regarding families along with who gets to move versus those ordered or left behind. Our emotions will be heighten like never before as we witness the realities of end-time prophecies.

While there are those who speak of prepping for sheltering in place, know this Yashar’al; those to be gathered from the 4-corners will move. Individuals separated by water will learn how to move from one location to the next until reaching the shores designated by The Spirit of Yahusha before crossing such waterways. It is my position that Yashar’al in the United States will gather in Virginia and leave by container ships. Container ships are vessels that can carry the most people per ship, it is my estimate anywhere between twenty-five to fifty thousand (25,000 to 50,000) or more. My brothers and sisters, these words reflect visions that I had. It is necessary for me to test and try the vision by putting the information out for your examination. I do not believe any prophecy or vision comes to just one person. I believe there is at the minimum another …. Two or more who will confirm if and only if my words are true.

The Final Exodus will prove to be a time where set-apart leadership & structure will come to be. It will be a time when we will learn how to effectively communicate. We will discover when to yield to chosen leadership as well as when to speak as directed by The Living Spirit of Yahusha. The Final Exodus will prove to consist of the 144,000 (one hundred forty-four thousand) Hebrews with 12,000 (twelve thousand) each from the tribes mentioned in Revelation 7th chapter. 

Be advised my brothers and sisters, it is my position that The Two Witnesses of Revelation (referencing Revelation Chapter 11) will emerge as the last two major shepherds for Yashar’al…Set-apart Yashar’al. It is my position that The Final Exodus will prove to bring Yashar’al consisting of both Hebrews & Gentiles made One by Yahusha ha Mashyach to The Promised Land. I am compelled to believe the center destination will be around Yahuah’s set-apart mountain, Mt. Sinai. I further believe that the true Mt. Sinai is currently known as Jabal al Lawz located in the northwest quadrant of Saudi Arabia. Given the size of the set-apart children of Yahuah that will return; we will encompass that region in mass numbers. It is my position that there will be millions of people gathered from the four corners (4-corners) of the earth. I am compelled to believe the Spirit of Yahusha revealed to me how a Great Multitude can be a remnant both at the same time. If we were to take even tens of millions of people it will still make up a remnant when comparing this number to well over 7.2 billion people on the planet.

My brothers and sisters there is much work to be done during these final days. I am compelled to believe that the Spirit of Yahusha will stir within those who will fulfill the Final Exodus as well as those who will face persecution and martyrdom (killed) for Yahusha’s name. Do not be misled to think everyone set-apart child of Yahuah will be among the gathered before the physical return of Yahusha ha Mashyach. Remember it is written that there will be a falling away as well as that some will die for Yahusha’s name.

There are so many details and processes regarding these final days, I wholeheartedly believe the living Spirit of Yahusha will make know all that must be done. Unity will come for Yashar’al, we will witness the 144,000 Hebrews with 12,000 from each tribe along with a Great Multitude coming together and assuming one banner in the end; that banner will prove to be Yashar’al. Let us develop a ready mind, body and spirit for a great transformation ahead. Judgement day will come to be after The Final Exodus before the physical return of Yahusha ha Mashyach. Pray, study, pray some more and seek to discern what the living Spirit of Yahusha is saying.

There is so much more given to me; I believe others are receiving instructions and visions as well; together we will come to realize whether or not our visions are indeed from the Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yahusha’s name. 

What say you oh visitor of this page, what is your position? The time is now to choose, let us choose wisely whom we seek to worship & obey.