End-time Considerations

End-time Things to Consider

My brothers and sisters, there are no doubts that end-times will be a time of great challenges. The scriptures mention numerous things to consider such movement (being gathered from the 4-corners of the earth), massive destruction, widespread deaths and more. Between now and the physical return of Yahusha, it would be wise to be mindful of the following things; fresh air, fresh water, food and shelter (a safe place). These four (4) things fresh air, fresh water, food and shelter represent critical components to physical life of which we have taken for granted. The days are coming, where these will be the most saught after things. It is time to begin realizing that out of all the things we consider to be most valuable these must and will take priority in the coming days. The scriptures inform us of a Great Tribulation. It is written that we are not appointed to the wrath of The Almighty Yahuah. It is also written that there will come a time commonly known as the Great Exodus or Final Exodus of which I am compelled to believe will occur before the physical return of Yahusha ha Mashyach. 

I mentioned earlier on this site how there are three (3) major promises from The Almighty Yahuah which are; discipline, vengeance and wrath. Each of us can admit there are a lot of words, messages and noise regarding; individual’s & groups’ belief, interpretations of the scriptures, teachings, practices and more. I inquired to The Almighty Father Yahuah in Yahusha’s name regarding uniting His set-apart children. I am compelled to believe the response I received included remembrance that is was through extreme humbling times that Yashar’al most often turned back to The Almighty Yahuah. I was reminded of Genesis 47th chapter specifically Genesis 47:19 which demonstrates what would make a person submit themselves as a servant or slave. I was reminded that throughout the scriptures when Yashar’al rebelled they faced extreme humbling times on many occasions. I am compelled to believe as we begin to witness end-times ramp up; we will begin to see The Hand of The Almighty Father Yahuah’s discipline get intense and turn back to Him. I was also reminded of how it is written that judgement begins at the house of Yahuah first. My brothers and sisters, believe it or not, the time is now to recognize discipline from The Spirit of Yahuah and by beginning to discern and focus on what is ordered.

My brothers and sisters, in the coming days there will be many …. multiple things occurring that will shake our current lifestyles. We are instructed in 1st John 4:1 to try the spirit; since our beliefs often begins with things we cannot physically see immediately; it is important to examine what stirs within. With these words stated, I present to you what I believe will occur in the coming days. I am compelled to believe the visions that have been revealed to me must be tested & tried. If and only if, what I present is true, there will be confirmation in the coming days. 

I am compelled to believe that life began in Northeast Africa, within the area we currently know as the Middle East. Over the past years, I am compelled to believe that man will be drawn or better yet forced to return to the region where life began. If you were to search the scriptures, you will discover information regarding what is commonly known as the Garden of Eden. If you study the scriptures regarding end-times, you will discover the final battle between good and evil will be somewhere in the region known as the Middle East as well. The scriptures mention a time when wicked nations will gather in the valley of Megiddo. Please note, it does not say the final battle will be in Megiddo; it states that this is where they gathered. If you were to take under consideration all the destruction & deaths described during The Great Tribulation; it makes it easy to receive that the final battle between good and evil will be somewhere close to the valley of Megiddo. I believe without a doubt during The Great Tribulation there will be little habitable places left for man to live. Man will be forced back to the region where life began. We know of The Garden of Eden and the scriptures mention during the final days a gathering of wicked nations in Megiddo who will march against the Chosen of Yahuah. Map it out my brothers and sisters, just as man multiplied across the earth; the days are coming where we will return to the region where it all began. I believe what is known as “The Ring of Fire” represent the 4-corners of the earth. It is my position just as life unrolled as a scroll in man’s population, beginning at “The Ring of Fire” it will begin to close as a scroll. For those unfamiliar with “The Ring of Fire” it is located within the Pacific Ocean area. It is also where the established international date line separates east and west.

My brothers and sisters, I believe that conditions on the western hemisphere will soon become extremely unbearable to live. I am compelled to believe diverse cataclysmic events will occur that will force those on the western hemisphere to begin migrating eastward. I am compelled to believe that those drawn back to The Promised Land who live in the United States will gather in Virginia before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. I also believe individual from various other countries will begin to migrate towards the perspective borders that point to the region known as the Middle East. I am compelled to believe that as the wicked ones begin to migrate and build a One World Government, governed from the region known as the Middle East; The Almighty Father Yahuah will gather His Children to The Promised Land. I compelled to believe the gathering of The Almighty Yahuah’s Children from the 4-corners of the earth will end near His Set-apart Mountain area of which I believe is Mt. Sinai. It is my position that the true Mt. Sinai is the mountain currently referred to as Jabal al Lawz. It is also my position, that this is the mountain Moses/Mushah received the 10 Commandments. I am compelled to believe this is the region the final battle will occur, that the wicked nations will march from Megiddo towards the set-apart mountain of The Almighty Father Yahuah to war against the living children of The Almighty Father Yahuah. It is my position that the Final Exodus will occur before the physical return of Yahusha ha Mashyach. Pray, study, pray some more and seek to discern if there is life in these words.

The time is now to consider, if we believe that the tribulation period is correct as it is written then at some point much of the current living conditions will become uninhabitable. It would be wise to come to the realities that at some point we must move. With movement comes times to adapt and adjust to the demands necessary to successfully reach the chosen destinations ahead. It is my position that just as man multiplied from the Garden of Eden to the 4-corners of the earth; the process will retreat with man returning to the region where the Garden of Eden is located. Please, please, please be advised; I DID NOT state back to the Garden of Eden, I merely stated the region. Given that we as man are stubborn and rebellious in nature; the time will come where forced migrations, force movement will occur. I am convinced that forced migrations will occur for both sides; the set-apart as well as the wicked. Keep in mind, in the final days there will be the ultimate and last battle between The Almighty Yahuah’s chosen versus the wicked. Keep in mind, such a battle must and will take place.

My brothers and sisters, these critical days ahead require us to examine our beliefs, commitments and seek to discern what the Spirit of Yahusha is saying to us individually and collectively. The time is now to weigh all words against beliefs as well as actual actions in an effort to identify those who are indeed drawn by The Almighty Father Yahuah to Yahusha ha Mashach.