Current Conditions

Time to Recognize Realities

Citizens of a Set-apart Nation – Yashar’al, who seek to do the will of The Almighty Father Yahuah, hear these words. End-times are upon us, we are moving away from types & shadows where external similar situations led many to miscalculate end-time prophecies. Currently Global Warming & Climate change have ushered in the belief that man is on a collision course to total extinction if there is not a phenomenal intervention. The fall out of Global Warming & Climate Change will prove to be catastrophic to say the least. Believe it or not we will begin to witness widespread drought that will lead to massive famine (food shortages) and growing pestilences (diseases). Such conditions have already begun across the earth, those in many industrialized nations have yet to witness the fallout of climate change that others have already begun to experience. We will also begin to notice more earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis and other natural disasters unfold. While there are natural disasters that will ramp up, I am compelled to believe we will also see meteors hit the earth. Given what I have presented, most of the industrialize nations are experience a deterioration of major infrastructures. I am referencing fresh water systems, waste water treatment facilities, food growth & distribution, highways & roadways that include bridges, rail systems and more. The wickedness of greed has led to widespread neglect to the very basic systems that contribute to civility. Greed has also led to growing advances where unnecessary things have resulted in global pollution from regular trash to nuclear waste with both gone unchecked and have grown pass manageable conditions. All that I have just described will be reasons for widespread wars which will lead to massive destruction. While world leaders are quite aware of these conditions, the global economy is facing a total collapse. Widespread chaos is close around the corner and will begin sooner than most of us realize. All these conditions are bi-products of what have been foretold in the scriptures. You see my brothers and sisters, while we may study the scriptures regarding end-times; what most fail to discover are the processes and details that come from end-time prophecies.

My brothers and sisters, the time is now to recognize that those who are drawn by The Almighty Yahuah in Yahusha’s name will be directed to focus on His living instructions in order to endure until the end. It would be wise to discern what to focus on, what to render to our captors and how to prepare for the face of physical death if need be.

There are many among us who will face persecution like never imagined. There are those among us who will face physical death for Yahusha’s name. There will also be many who will be gathered from the 4-corners of the earth. Let me also add that we will witness a falling away as written in 2nd Thessalonians 2:3. I want to remind you that there will be division among individuals who we were once close to in some way shape or form. Visit and discern the life in Matthew 10:34-39 which informs us of division ordered by The Spirit of Yahusha. There will be times when our emotions will be tried and tested as we find ourselves facing extreme tough decisions. The Almighty Father Yahuah will gather His children together and no one or nothing will be able to stop what is promised.

We must be mindful of the life in Matthew 16:25 and like passages regarding life, as we move towards extreme humbling times ahead.

Beware of those who ignore the living instructions and warnings going forth. Beware of those who claim there is no need to fear or those who falsely accuse the deliverer of warnings as fearmongers. Pray and watch, soon and very soon the hunger for knowledge, the desire to know will increase as catastrophic conditions rise. I submit to you it would be wise to fear The Almighty Yahuah for this is where knowledge begins. End-times will prove to be times of seeking knowledge as well as refuge. Visit Proverbs 1:7 and Proverbs 14:26, discover the correct placement of fear. We are instructed in the scriptures to NOT fear what man can do to us, we have entered into end-times where it is critical to understand the placement of fear.

The projected timelines for man’s extinction is less than 50 years with some even predicting the possibilities of within the next 25 years. We who are drawn to Yahusha ha Mashyach by The Almighty Father Yahuah, will grow to know how real His – The Almighty Father’s plan will reflect the intervention that is necessary. What is written regarding end-time prophecies will swell up within this generation and we will begin to recognize the intervention….The Plan of Yahuah unfold. The time is now to begin to seek to discern what is ordered by The Living Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yashar’s name. Be mindful there are no rewind buttons. The days of accepting excuses will become left behind. It is in the details and processes ahead that we will discover the importance of praying without ceasing; seeking to discern the living voice of The Spirit of Yahusha.

Come and continue to examine the content of this site my brothers and sisters, I am compelled to believe you will discover things that will contribute to moving closer to The Living Almighty Father in Yahusha’s name.