Yahuah is The Almighty One and you will discover in the scriptures where the words Elohim or Alahym are used to describe mighty One. Although the word Elohim is plural for mighty ones, there is only One who is The Almighty One; He is Yahuah. We will also discover that The Almighty Yahuah is a consuming fire.

Consider visiting the following…


Genesis Chapter 1 * John Chapter 1 * John 4:24 * Revelation 1:8 * Revelation 22:13 * Isaiah 43:11 * Deuteronomy 4:24 * Hebrews 12:29


Yahusha is Yahuah’s Word made flesh, they are one. In due season it will become clear to those who are drawn by Yahuah to Yahusha.

Consider the following…

Isaiah 43:11 * Luk Chapter 1 * Luke 2:11 * John 4:42 * John 6:44 * John 10:30* John 12:32 * 1st Timothy 2:3-7 * 

Set-apart Spirit

Please note, there is no trinity….there is NOT a trinity; the process in which the plan of The Almighty Yahuah begins with the name and purpose of using specific names. When we speak of Yahuah, we are to consider Him as Spirit; everywhere at all times. When we speak of Yahusha, we acknowledge that He is Yahuah’s Word and that through His sacrifice and resurrection life immeasurable is made possible. 

Upon the resurrection of Yahusha, the scriptures inform us that Yahuah indeed sent His Set-apart Spirit in Yahusha’s name. While there are many people who prefer to sensationalize the words Ruach ha Qadash or Ruach ha Qodesh along with the term Ruach; Ruach means spirit and Ruach ha Qadash means “set-apart spirit” these are not names. 

The scriptures emphasize the importance of using His name. I am NOT say by using Ruach ha Qadash this is wrong but I am saying that people have elected to use Ruach ha Qadash more than proclaiming the Spirit of Yahusha as their living guide, teacher, comforter and more.

We have a body and within our body’s is a spirit referred to in scripture as the inward man. We who are drawn by Yahuah to Yahusha ha Mashyach will discover our spirit is joined into set-apartness and become one with Him. Individuals who seek to do the will of the Almighty Father Yahuah are made One by Yahusha ha Mashyach and we are linked to One Spirit as family and a set-apart nation.

Consider reading…

John 6:44 * John 12:32 * John 3:5-6 * John 4:24 * John 14:15-26 * John 15:26 * John 16:13 * Romans Chapters 7 & 8 * 

We will discover that The Spirit of Yahusha works in us and through us one towards another. I also invite you to visit Ephesian 5:17-21. Many people fail to realize as the Spirit of Yahusha works in you, me or another; this requires subjecting to the Spirit of Yahusha as He speaks through us. 

Individuals who are the children of Yahuah will grow to know the full life in Hebrews 12th chapter as well as Revelation 3:19 which speaks of promised discipline.

We will discover that as we study the scriptures in spite of man’s tampering The Spirit of Yahuah will make alive all that is necessary for us to guard and honor all His Commandments, Laws and Statutes. We will discover how through discernment (when the Spirit of Yahusha makes known); many things will come to life regarding scriptures and our fellowship with one another.

Come my brothers and sisters, discover the living presence of the Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yahusha’s name. Come and discover The Spirit of Yahusha as our teacher, guide, comforter and more; discover how He indeed works in each of us.

Citizens of Shamaym / Heaven

  Malakym (commonly known as Angels) – please note there are the Malakym of Yahuah and those who are known as fallen Malakym/Angels/Demons. These were all once citizens of a place most commonly referred to as Heaven or Shamaym but Satan and those who followed him were cast down. Demons are the fallen ones from heaven/shamaym who rebelled against The Almighty Father Yahuah and cast out of shamaym.


Malakym/Angels of Yahuah – Genesis 19:1 * Psalms Ch. 8 * Psalms 104:4 * Matthew 24:31 * Matthew 25:31* John 1:51

Fallen Malakym/Angels - Isaiah 14:12-16 * Matthew 10:5-8 * Luke 8:30-33 * Revelation12:9

Seed of Abraham

My brothers and sisters Abraham was made the Father of Nations as it is written in Genesis 17:5. The Almighty Yahuah also made a promise to Abraham regarding where to live in Genesis 15:18-21, this area is known as The Promised Land. I invite you to also seek to understand that The Almighty Father Yahuah pledged that Abraham’s seed will be as the sands of the sea and as the stars in Genesis 22:17-18. Please notice where it states because Abraham has obeyed the voice of The Almighty Father Yahuah. Obedience to The Almighty Yahuah, this is the beginnings of Abraham Seed singular. It is important to remember obedience to Yahuah is a vital factor in being part of a set-apart family. I am not suggesting that we ignore nationalities, however; I am strongly suggesting that it goes beyond nationalities to the spirit of an individual.

My brothers and sisters as we discover being drawn together for the purpose of fulfilling what is written regarding being gathered from the 4-corners of the earth we will learn the importance of nationality and the importance of being made One Nation by Yahusha ha Mashyach. I am compelled to believe that we will witness an emergence of the 144,000 consisting of 12,000 (twelve thousand) of each of the twelve tribes listed in Revelation chapter 7. Additionally, I believe without any doubts that there will be a Great Multitude of individuals from many nations, kindred and tongues. Overall, once the gathering is complete we will see one banner and I am compelled to believe it will be Yashar’al consisting of both Hebrews & Gentiles who seek to do the will of The Almighty Father Yahuah. Hebrews & Gentiles drawn by The Almighty Yahuah to Yahusha ha Mashyach.

My brothers and sisters now that I have listed the key entities from The Almighty Yahuah, to His Word made flesh as Yahusha and how His Set-apart Spirit was sent in Yahusha’s name along with Malakym and Abraham’s seed;  

The Scriptures

The original scriptures consisted of picture and symbols; they were inspired by The Spirit of The Almighty Father Yahuah. There were designed as it is written for teaching, reproof and instruction in obedience to Abba Yahuah. (Visit 2nd Timothy 3:16-17) The scriptures were never to be a replacement for the living guidance of The Spirit of Yahuah. It would be wise to understand that The Almighty Father has always wanted us to communicate with Him, lean on Him to discern the life in the scriptures. It would be wise to realize that by discerning the life in the scriptures we are able to see what our teacher - The Spirit of Yahusha is saying to us daily. Consider reading 1st Thessalonians 5:17 and 2nd Corinthians 3:6 for this is one of the most critical things to know when seeking to learn and grow in maturity in set-apartness.

Over the years man has tampered with the text resulting in numerous translations with some eliminating books of the scriptures altogether. In the most current of times we are beginning to see individuals claiming to right the wrongs that have occurred by publishing their own version of the scriptures. Make no mistake although man has tampered with the text or the letter; he is unable to change the living life in The Almighty Father Yahuah’s word.

Beware my brothers and sisters, there are those who think by discovering the scriptures, the letter, the text; that this is enough. There are those who have been misled to think they can master the text and this is all that is needed to grow in maturity. There are also those who echo often just follow the 10 commandments, the Laws & Statutes and everything will be alright. These are undiscerning and fail to mention the need to always pray and seek to discern the guidance of the Living Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yahusha’s name.

Beware my brothers and sisters, there are Morehs/Teachers and other influential individuals who know the scriptures have been tampered with but when it is convenient; they would have you think the text alone is enough representation of the word of The Almighty Father Yahuah. Remember it is written the letter kills and it is the Spirit that makes alive. It would be wise to accept that first and foremost is to believe by discerning the life of The Almighty Father Yahuah and that He sent His set-apart Spirit to teach us in Yahusha’s name. It would also be wise to know that the scriptures in order to be effective requires discerning the life in them.

Beware of those who would have you think they have discovered the original language; who promote the need to learn “Hebrew”. Ask questions of anyone who claim to know Hebrew or who promote the need to learn “Hebrew”. Allow me to say this first; names are important and the scriptures inform us of such, however; there is not any scriptures that direct us to seek out the original language. It is written that there will come a time when man will return to the pure lip or one language; I am compelled to believe this will occur upon the return of Yahusha ha Mashyach. Back to the recommendation to “Ask questions” of anyone who claim they know or are teaching Hebrew. The ancient Hebrew text as I stated consisted of pictures and symbols. Currently the most widely promoted Hebrew is Aramaic – Modern Hebrew, this is not the pure lip mentioned in Zephaniah 3:9. 

Be advised there is much time consumed with people studying the scriptures and trying to move to Hebrew, only to return back to their native language. I have witnessed promoters of the Modern Hebrew, define scriptures in what they believe is the original language only to return back to the language they began with whether English or another. It would be wise to also know that many Modern Hebrew words have multiple meanings just as words within the English language. You see my brothers and sisters, I state this again; it is important to always seek to discern the life in the scriptures as it is revealed by The Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yahusha’s name.

It would be wise to embrace that by studying the scriptures that are currently available; let us never lose focus on pursuing and discerning the living presence of The Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yahusha’s name.

Pray, study, pray some more and seek to discern how when the scriptures are made alive they are as endless living instructions….they are truly indeed as a flowing river, like a endless fountain of life. When we recognize the connection of the scriptures made alive, we grow in maturity; our worship & obedience to The Almighty Father Yahuah is improved. 

Be advised it is indeed the Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yahusha’s name that will make clear all that we are to learn from the scriptures. Remember it is The Almighty Father Yahuah that can harden or soften our hearts and minds. Remember it is indeed The Spirit of Yahusha our teacher who confirms what is alive, true and set-apart. Regardless of how much man continues to push positions of belief or interpretations of the scriptures; The Almighty Father Yahuah in Yahusha’s name will make straight – through His promised discipline we will grow to discern what is right.

Come my brothers and sisters, prepare to witness reproof like never before. It is time to gird up, to establish a ready mind, body and spirit to discern and respond to the living presence of The Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yahusha’s name working in us and through us one towards another. I recommend visiting or revisiting Hebrews 12th chapter and Revelation 3:19 for we are indeed The Children of The Almighty Yahuah. We will indeed receive all that is promised.