Shalum & Welcome



Shalum and welcome, my name is Symmanayah. I have created this site to proclaim the names of The Almighty One Yahuah and His name as Yahusha of which in due season, His children will grow to discern how they are One. I also believe that The Almighty Yahuah sent His Set-apart Spirit in Yahusha’s name to make alive the content in The Scriptures. I am compelled to believe when we speak of Yahuah as Yahusha, we acknowledge Yahuah’s plan for our restoration into fellowship with Him as a result of the actions of Adam & Eve. When we use Yahusha’s name we acknowledge the sacrifice and resurrection of Yahuah’s Word made flesh; we proclaim how the blood of The Lamb brings life to those who seek to do the will of the Almighty Yahuah.

I am one who believes that the original scriptures represent the inspired written words from The Almighty Yahuah. I believe over the course of time man has tampered with the scriptures by using substitution words and omitting text. It is apparent by all the many different translations we see in existence with each promoting the position of correctness as the publisher sees it. I believe that although man has tampered with the scriptures, man is unable to tamper with the Living Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yahusha’s name. Scriptures inform us that The Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yahusha’s name will; bring life to the scriptures, teach us, guide us, comfort us and provide all that is needed to grow in worship & obedience to The Almighty Yahuah. 

I am compelled to present content for the purposes of contributing important information to an awakening set-apart nation – Yashar’al; consisting of both Hebrews & Gentiles made one by Yahusha ha Mashyach. End-times are here and with this season, people are beginning to seek how to navigate through the many different teachings, practices and beliefs associated with life. My words are directed to those who are drawn by The Almighty Yahuah to Yahusha ha Mashyach who and indeed seek to do the will of The Almighty Father. Individuals who fit this description, I consider you as my brothers and my sisters. I invite you to come and examine not only the content on this site but also other communication platforms of which I have posted on this site like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Know this, man is on a collision course to total extinction as we know it in these bodies. Whether one can accept the plan of The Almighty Father Yahuah or not, among the practical and natural evidence rising as a result of Global Warming & Climate Change; there will be an end to life as we know it. I believe the desire to know more about life is growing strong; many are beginning to examine their personal beliefs and make decisions regarding their future. My prayer is that each of us grow in discerning what The Spirit of Yahuah sent in Yahusha’s name is revealing to us and that we respond wisely. Believe it or not, in the midst of all the many different choices, those who are the children of The Almighty Yahuah will discover what is set-apart and true. Come my brothers and sisters, examine what my words prayerfully; I believe they will be of assistance in your/our journey during these end-times.