Statement of Belief

The Beginning
The End

Rev. 22:13
John 6:44
John 14:6
II Cor. 6:16
Col. 3:16

My Journey and Statement of Belief

I believe there is an almighty creator of all things, who is spirit and is everywhere at all times.  Furthermore, it is my belief that His righteous and set-apart name is Yahuah.  I believe the Most High Father inspired the scriptural writings from Genesis to Revelation and that they are made alive by His Set-Apart Spirit.  I believe mankind was separated from fellowship with the Father by virtue of what occurred in the garden, of Eden.  A plan has been established and for restoring our fellowship.  Yahuah the Almighty One was manifested in the flesh, born of a virgin as the Mashyach/Messiah and Savior for all who receive Him.  Our savior’s name Yahusha and by accepting Him as Mashyach/MessiYah; we are restored into fellowship with the Almighty Ancient of Days Yahuah and through His Atonement we are regenerated moment by moment.  In other words Atonement brings forgiveness of mistakes in order that we can continue to press forward in worship & obedience to the Most High Father through obeying the living guidance of Yahusha.  Yahusha walked physically among man, was sacrificed on a tree, died and was resurrected from the grave.  Yahusha ascended up to the right hand of Almighty Yahuah.  I believe that following Yahusha’s resurrection, the Father - Yahuah sent the Comforter (Ruach Ha Qodesh, a set-apart spirit) in His Son’s name (John 14:26).  I believe that Yahuah, Yahusha and the Comforter (Ruach HaQodesh) are all one, there is no ... absolutely not a trinity.  I am asked occasionally, "How can they be one if Yahusha died?"  It's time to allow the Spirit to make alive understanding so I in return ask the question "If we stop existing then who or what part of us is resurrected?" and "Why are the words everlasting life or everlasting judgement used in scriptures?"  I submit to you, our earthen vessels may cease but our spirit lives on just as Yahusha's Set-Apart Spirit was very active even during His fleshly body being in the grave non-functioning before His resurrection.

I also believe we witnessed the emergence of the Comforter (Spirit of Truth) at the time of Yahusha’s resurrection from the dead like never before and therefore, the office of the priesthood no longer requires an animal sacrifice or a priest to be the only mediator for man’s sin.  Yahusha is the last sacrifice.  I believe too often people fail to acknowledge John 14:26 which informs us the Almighty Father Yahuah sent His Set-Apart Spirit in Yahusha's name.  In other words, it would be wise to realize The Set-Apart Spirit is Yahusha's Spirit, working in us and through us one towards another, and through His chosen.   When we become joined with Yahuah as a result of accepting Yahusha (the Mashyach) into our lives; we are then indwelled with His Spirit (the Comforter who is the Set-apart Spirit).  I believe it is important upon accepting Yahusha into our life, that we are called to be immersed in water in the name of Yahusha our Savior & Mashyach as an outward display of our choice to worship & serve the Most High Father.

I believe the original scriptures are the inspired word of Yahuah and that they have been infected with pagan terms and false idol labels.  I believe the pure-in-heart must begin to seek the truth and obey the call to come away from pagan practices.  I believe the set-apart scriptures are the tools given to us by Yahuah and we are called to study them in order to understand the Torah (instructions & teachings of Yahuah).  By studying the scriptures, it’s akin to building up a well-stocked toolbox within our minds.  I believe through the guidance of the Spirit of Yahusha, we are able to know what scriptures (tools) are applicable to use at the appropriate time thus enabling us to rightly divide the word of Yahuah and respond to His guidance righteously. 

I am persuaded to believe that I am a servant and watchman of Yahusha, my Mashyach and it is for this reason I exist, complete with a heartbeat, breath and life.  I encourage each of you to pursue righteousness and you will discover life.  Pertaining to the salvation of those who were and are oblivious to the full truth and died/sleep, Yahuah knew and knows their heart.  Those that are of His seed received favor.  For those who hear the truth and turn from it, they will be held accountable for their actions.  We are in a season where much will be demonstrated in order to fulfill latter day prophecy and other scriptures.  It is for this reason we see a major shift in what’s demanded of us.  Pray, watch and be prepared to follow the leading of the Spirit of Yahusha, least we find ourselves in judgment.  There is a judgment unto death and a judgment that leads to chastening.  It’s time to choose either Worship or Religion! May Yahuah have mercy on our struggle and may our hearts become yielding to His living instructions & teachings (Torah) as well as guidance.  The decisions you make going forward are yours and yours alone to make.  Each of us will be held accountable for our decisions.  Your choice, make it a wise one! 


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