Seeds of Instruction

My goal is that my life is reflective of an obedient servant of the Most High Father Yahuah through the acceptance and living instructions and guidance made possible by Yahusha my Mashyach/MessiYah.


Ears to Hear
Eyes to See

Who is able to discern & understand the call from the Most High Father?

Who is able to know how to navigate in the coming days when scriptures regarding latter days or end-times become most obvious?

Seeds of Instruction Yashar'al - An Awakening Nation of Believers
- Both Hebrew & Goyim [other nations/Gentiles] 
- Those who do the will of the Almighty One - Our Father Yahuah 
- Individuals who accept Yahusha Ha Mashyach/MessiYah and are made One by Him

It would be wise to accept that there is a creator of all things 

Consider:     Genesis/Bereshith Chapters 1 & 2
Creation and interactions begin, let's reflect on some core attributes passed on in writings which we have grown to identify as scriptures.  Keep in mind language became infected with actions of the enemy and thus one of our biggest struggles rest with language and communicating with one another effectively.

Consider:     Genesis/Bereshith Chapters 2 & 3
                    Genesis/Berishith 11:1-9

Yashar'al - Both Hebrew & Goyim [other nations/Gentiles] – people who seek to do the will of the Almighty Father & Creator Yahuah

Consider:     Matthew/MattithYahu 12:50 
Note:   While many are focused on race, keep in mind those who have no intentions of worshiping the Father or being obedient already have their judgment.  Scriptures provide written instructions for those who seek to worship in spirit & in truth; those who desire to obey the Father. It would be wise to avoid excessive debates, arguments, etc. over race & nations.

Shabbat (re: The Seventh Day of Rest)
Exo 20:8  “Remember the Sabbath day, to set it apart. 
Exo 20:9  “Six days you labour, and shall do all your work, 
Exo 20:10  but the seventh day is a Sabbath of יהוה your Almighty One. You do not do any work – you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. 

There is no doubt that Yashar'al is divided on when a day begins and ends. In the midst of this division are different times for guarding the set-apart day of rest - Shabbat. I am compelled to believe the Shabbat is to be honored and guarded from morning-to-morning. Please note: I DID NOT state "sunrise to sunrise".  For many years me and my house have believed Shabbat should be guarded on the days erroneously referred to as "Saturday" morning to "Sunday" morning. Recently, I was drawn and compelled to identify when the New Year actually began. I was aware that the Gregorian Calendar was incorrect but until this Year; I received strong convictions for such a time as this: End-Times, to mark the beginning of the Year. With these words stated, it is my position of belief that this Year known as 2016 began on what is commonly referred to as March 23, 2016. The time commonly known as March 23, 2016  actually is The First (1st) Day of the First (1st) Month of A New Year. Given the position of belief I am now compelled to hold, the First Shabbat of this New Year would place it on the day commonly known as "Tuesday". This would mean from what is known as "Tuesday" and "Wednessday" my position my belief would reflect Tuesday Morning to Wednesday Morning. Counting seven (7) days from the beginning of The New Year brings this conclusion.

I have stated that I am aware that we differ on guarding Shabbat but know this Yashar'al; Proof Comes, we will be made correct and whole. There will be unity among The Final Gathered for The Final Exodus. The purpose of Shabbat will be made clear and we will be refined into correctness. I encouraged each of us to seek earnestly to discern what the Spirit of Yahuah is saying through His Set-Apart Spirit sent in Yahusha's name.

Ten Commandments – important instruction and foundational rules provide to us 

Consider:     Exodus/Shemoth 20:3-17 & 34:28
                    Deuteronomy/Debarim 4:13 & 14 and 10:4

Diverse Laws – ordinances given to establish separation from unrighteousness and establish set-apartness

Consider:     The first five books -

New Moon / Full Moon - to measure the seasons, measure harvest times and acknowledge the many blessings provided by the Most High Father - Yahuah as He cause the seeds to reach maturity and produce fruit
[Many fail to consider why we celebrate the New Moon/Full Moon unaware that each full moon identified a  time of harvest for different plants producing fruit & vegetables.]

Set-Apart Feasts (instructions for programming the body to grow in worship & obedience) 

Note:  Matthew/MattithYahu 23:25-28 & Isaiah/YeshaYahu 10:15  Many family members tend to place more emphasis on the instructions of the feast opposed to examining the purpose of the instruction.  Here, I present to you some attributes of the purpose of the feasts.  Let him that has an ear, hear and examine the words of this message.  

Keep in mind we are in captivity and remember the office of the priesthood as it   relates to animal sacrifice is no longer practiced.  Yahusha was the ultimate sacrifice and atonement provided for restoration. 

Consider:   Exodus/Shemoth Chapter 12  
                     (The first time Passover & Unleavened Bread was introduced)

                    Leviticus/Wayyiqra Chapter 23 (all feasts are mentioned)

Passover - Obedience & Preparation/Instruction 

Note:  Yashar’al was given instructions which required obedience in order to avoid the consequences that followed, which was death to the first born.  Therefore, one can see the seeds of this festival clearly demonstrated the importance of following righteous instruction and obedience. This requires discipline and a heart to follow after Yahuah’s instruction. 

Unleavened Bread – Righteous Judgment & Leadership  

Note:  Many readers of this portion of scripture tend to place emphasis on the words leaven and unleavened without clearly stating what the words mean.  Leaven simply means influence, there are good influences and bad influences therefore it would be wise to embrace balance in understanding these words. 

Consider:  Romans/Romiyim 14:12

Note: Each of us will be held accountable for our actions or in other words, the life we choose to live.  Every day we make decisions in our lives, believe it or not, our decisions are based on a judgment call.  Also, this is a first act of individual leadership for our own actions. If we examine this feast thoroughly with an attentive ear, one can see that the importance of focusing only on Yahuah and Him directly is necessary.  In this manner, Unleavened equates to “Without outside Influence”.  

Although Yahuah uses us in fellowship and teachings, there are times we must kneel before Him and avoid outside influences. 

Remember Paul/Shaul in Galatians/Galatiyim 1:16-17 we see a demonstration of a time when a child of the Most High went directly to Yahuah. Secondly, we must also realize the importance of being obedient to Yahuah in managing our own vessels before we can affectively be used to manage others. I invite you to examine these words carefully for in this feast, we clearly should be able to know the difference as it relates to influences and decisions.  

First Fruits – First Love & Priorities 

Note:  In every book of scripture we are reminded that our first love comes from Yahuah.  In all that we do, it would be wise to perform out of obedience and worship to the Father.  Failure to keep our eyes on Yahuah can only lead to over consumption and or death.  While each day we become intertwined with multiple tasks, if we fail to establish priorities, the end results will lead only to regret & disappointment. How can we effectively have righteous fellowship one with another if we ignore our first love and fail to demonstrate the ability to set priorities?  Over time our actions/witness play a key role in building our own life and the lives of others by virtue of demonstration and adaptation.  

Harvest -  A Time of Maturity 

Note:  Would you take instructions from a newborn child?  Given a choice who do you think will demonstrate minimum mistakes in their instruction to another; someone who has matured or an immature reckless individual?  All too often we tend to take off with excitement, eagerness or we are just plain impetuous (overzealous).  In some cases, anger and/or disappointment, could be driving our impatience and reactionary behavior.  Remember, there are no sound means for speeding up the growth and harvest of plants therefore time along with other attributes play a vital role in the maturation process. 

A mature brother/achk or sister/achot can do more for building family than an overzealous individual.  Yes, we have been wronged and infected with the ways of the heathen however it is necessary to allow Yahuah to guide us through righteously according to His scriptures and instructions. 

There is a difference on how we interacted with Yahuah in times past versus after the resurrection of the Mashyach, Yahusha.  The pouring out of His Ruach HaQodesh brought something different than times past, the sacrifice of animals came to an end.  

Trumpets – Sound Teachings (Torah)  

Note: Each feast is akin to building blocks for walking in righteousness, obedience and true worship to the Almighty Father. Examine the following as it relates to the feasts: 

We develop habits as it relates to obedience, preparation and righteous instruction as we learn about the Passover.  Additionally, we can add more as we learn about the need to remove leavened bread (ill influence from our midst) by observing the time of Unleavened Bread.  We can see that a degree of personal leadership and judgment is required to establish our footsteps righteously. Next we come to developing skills for maintaining a grasp on the first-fruit (life from Yahuah).  As we press forward on our journey and begin to act or live a life that reflects our witness, priorities become an obvious necessity in our day to day behavior. 

Given the order of instructions, we can now see how maturity as it relates to Harvest Time, begin to shine within our witness.  A mature brother and or sister show an act of obedience more so than an overzealous being.  Once an individual reaches a degree of maturity it then becomes time to make known with certainty the instructions of Yahuah.  Here we see the feast of Trumpets, a time to echo righteousness with confidence and certainty.  If we only followed the blueprint of the feasts, we would probably experience less confusion among family (Yashar’al).  Let us learn to speak or sound our Trumpet as the Ruach HaQodesh guides us. 

Atonement – Restoration & Regeneration 

Note:   Atonement represents a covering by blood but how many of us realize unless there is oxygen in the blood, it has no power.  In other words, atonement by itself stands incomplete.  The power of Yahuah’s instruction is what makes the atonement of affect.  In the ultimate atonement provided by Yahusha, it is when the pouring of the Spirit occurred that the ultimate atonement became complete.  The power of the Ruach HaQodesh is like oxygen to the blood.  Did you know that our blood flows one way through our bodies and with each complete cycle our cells are regenerated? 

It is stated that no man can come to the Father except through the Son.  The sacrificed Son is Yahusha and it is in His resurrection that we are able to receive salvation. 

Therefore, as we have matured enough to speak about the ways of Yahuah but keep in mind as mature servants, we still make mistakes.  It is because of the atoning power of Yahusha and the guiding power of the Ruach Ha Qodesh that we are able to rise up and continue without condemnation.  Can you see the blueprint in a sound relationship with the Father nestled in the message of the feasts? 

Consider:     Matthew/MattithYahu 26:28 
                    John/Yohanan 14:26 John/Yohanan 15:26 John/Yohanan 16:7 ·

Tabernacle – Temple (body) & Assembly 

Note: Here we come to the seventh feast and it is in understanding that our bodies are vessels and in it contains the inward man and union with Yahuah by way of the Ruach Ha Qodesh (those who do the will of the Father or born again believers).  Each of us has a responsibility to worship and obey the instructions from our Father.  Individually we must follow after righteousness according the scriptures.  Let us worship the Father in spirit and in truth; let our actions reflect what’s in our heart as guided by our Father. 

Consider:     I Corinthians/Qorintiyim Aleph 6:19

Imagine, nestled within the feasts is a blueprint for establishing a sound foundation and pathway for growing in obedience to the Most High.  Can you see the connections?  Can you confirm witness to a true message?

Besorah  Good News about Yahusha Ha Mashyach   

Note:  The next step enlightens us on how we are restored in fellowship with the Father beyond the actions of times past as a result of Yahusha Ha Mashyach.  Here we see the Ultimate Priest and Sacrifice made, we also see demonstration as how we are to obey the laws established by the Father.  Yahusha demonstrated how to pray, obey and how to walk in our earthen vessels.  If we establish a disciplined format for walking in righteousness using the information provided one can appreciate the good news of the Mashyach for it is because of Him we are restored in fellowship with the Father.   

Many tend to look at the ministry of the Mashyach Yahusha as complete when He was sacrificed, they leave Him in the grave.  There are others who think when He ascended to the Father, that His ministry was completed.  There is much more to the relationship with Yahusha than the average person realizes.  We are told if He be lifted up He, Yahusha will draw all men to the Father.  In order to lift Him up we must be obedient to all that is given us.  When we walk in obedience according to the scriptures and His guidance; this is a means of lifting up our Savior.                         

Consider:     Matthew/Mattith

Each of the above books in scripture provides information about the good news (besorah) of our Mashyach.  It is to the best interest of anyone seeking to worship and obey the most High to study each of these carefully for without the Mashyach it is impossible to connect with the Father.  Secondly if we fail to get the message in these books we will stumble greatly along our journey in this life.

Guide & Teacher - Ruach HaQodesh (Spirit of Yahusha - John 14:26) 

Note:  One of the most misunderstood roles of Yahuah is what those who come into the knowledge has embraced as the Ruach HaQodesh.  So many believers fail to realize this is the Set-Apart Spirit of Yahuah.  Yahuah and Yahusha are one (which I embrace), they are also described as the Spirit of Yahusha.  Many scriptures use additional labels such as Comforter and Spirit of Truth.  I am compelled to believe either is acceptable to the Father but keep in mind the names Yahuah and Yahusha are critical in our relationship with the Father and by no means should be ignored or disregarded. Be mindful of John 14:26 which inform us that the Father sent His Set-Apart Spirit in the Name of Yahusha.  

Yahusha stated the importance of His resurrection and the coming of the Ruach HaQodesh.  While so many individuals are trying to say the Ruach is just breath with no mind; they are seriously in error.  Language and the definition of terms has resulted in this erroneous interpretation of the Ruach HaQodesh that as a result many find it difficult to grow strong in the guidance of the Father.  One could stop at the definitions and say okay, the Ruach HaQodesh is breath but how then are we guided?  The written word is of non-effect without the power of the Spirit of Yahusha.  When, where and how to rightly divide the word of truth can only come with the precision of the guidance of Yahusha’s Spirit.  Let us examine a few scriptures.   

Please note, there are scriptures in book of remembrance (1st Covenant) that states instances when Yahuah poured His Spirit on man before we see the writings about the Mashyach described as the good news.   

Example:     Ezekiel/Yehezqel 2:2 & 11:19-20
                    Ezekiel/Yehezqel 36:26-27 (ability to walk in the laws of Yahuah)  

Consider:     Joel/Yo’el 2:28-29
                    John/Yohanan 14:26 (Ruach HaQodesh sent in the name of Yahusha)                              John/Yohanan 15:26 
                    John/Yohanan 16:7-14
                    Acts/ Ma’acei 2:17-18 Ephesians/Eph’siyim 1:13 
                    2 Thessalonians/Tas’loniqim Bet 2:13 
                    I John/Yohanan Aleph 4:6

Mashyach – Yahusha    

Note: Now we know that no man can reach the Father except by accepting the sacrificed son Yahusha.  It is stated in scripture that they are one and that the Ruach HaQodesh is sent in the Sacrificed Son’s name.  I realize that many of you will probably get stuck on scriptures that state that Yahuah is greater than Yahusha or the Father greater than the Son thus causing one to take offense when I speak of them as one.  I will not get into a debate nor argue the various positions one may take, understanding of these words can only come from the Most High. 

There is a reason many stumble at rightly dividing the word of truth (scriptures). 

I will pause at this point.  Please examine every word with the intent to understand. 
If you heart is not seeking to worship and obey the Most High, you may find yourself pondering or just straight out disagreeing with the words and message of this page. 


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