Beacon of Yahusha

Let us Lift Up

(by our worship & obedience)



John 12:32
John 14:26
John 16:13

Beacon of Yahusha

Consider:  John 12:32 & John 14:6 (We lift up Yahusha our Mashyach/MessiYah by our worship & obedience.)

Yashar’al, referring to both Hebrews and Gentiles or Goyim (meaning other nations) who are grafted together as one, those who seek to do the will of the Father. He who hears this message will know its origin. 

Hear this:                 
                     as The Almighty One Yahuah & Father
                                 as the Sacrificed Son Yahusha & Mashyach/MessiYah   
                                            as Our Guide & Teacher Ruach HaQodesh (Spirit of Yahusha John 14:26) 

While there are many doctrines and beliefs, soon clarity will have its way to those who truly seek the Father in spirit and in truth with a heart to worship & obey Him according to His words. 

The time is at hand to prepare our minds, bodies and souls for transitioning.  Humbling events are coming in the form of whirlwinds, storms (both natural and man-made), famine (food shortage), drought (fresh water shortages), chaos, civil unrest and much more. When catastrophes rise, people will move to those whom they trust and believe will offer support.  I encourage you to build relationships and have a ready eye & ear to identify family…Yashar’al, both Hebrew & Goyim (other nations-Gentiles) that are grafted together as one.  T
hese are those who do the will of the Father and are saved by the blood of the Lamb. There will be many with disbelief as well as those who will rebel against the living instructions and guidance from the Most High's Set-Apart Spirit but I encourage you to seek to discern and understand what must be done.

Consider making preparations for moving eastward (those in the United States) when the call comes and you are not sure what to do during chaos and storms.  I believe the State of Virginia will be a gathering place of An Awakening Nation of Believers who will participate in scripture fulfillment.  I am compelled to believe from there (Virginia - those who are in the United States) will be guided back to somewhere in the Mt. Sinai region.  It is common for people to gather for refuge when calamity strikes.  You will know where to go and what to do along your journey.  I encourage you to have a ready mind and willingness to obey the guidance from on High. For those elsewhere on the planet they will be guided to the outermost parts of their perspective countries that points towards the Mt. Sinai region. We must each follow our own convictions. Know who compels you to move forward and remember it must line up with the scriptures. I believe when the transitioning time comes; those chosen and or called will know when and what to do regarding this phenomenal event.

Economic collapse will spread throughout the communities. Natural and man-made storms will emerge, causing much disruption.  It is in the whirlwinds & storms that Yahuah will have His way and the obedient will know what to do. 

I also encouraged you to visit and or revisit Matt. 24:4-8 for when these signs intensify, people will be fighting over food and fresh water among many other things.  You may discover that you have 72-84 hours to get to a safe place of gathering before chaos and civil unrest become enlarged and makes it difficult.  Please be advised, no one nor anything, can stop what, where and when the Most High Father will have you to respond.

If you receive this message, email me or leave your email so that we can establish times and methods to connect.  Let us begin to bond and get to know one another as instructed by scripture. 

Preparation is neither harmful nor unwise, I ask that you consider this invitation and wait for assured guidance of which you will know. 



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