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John 21:15-17

John 12:32

Nahum 1:3

Isaiah 55:11


Isaiah 11:12

Jeremiah 23:3


I would like to first thank you for taking the time to visit this site.  I am a servant of the Most High Father - The Almighty One Yahuah.  I believe with all my heart, mind body and soul that Yahusha is the Sacrificed Son of The Almighty One Yahuah and that He ascended to the right hand of the Father.  Additionally, I believe no man, woman or child can come to the Almighty Father Yahuah except through the Sacrificed Son Yahusha who ascended from the grave and is very much alive.  I believe Yahusha is Mashyach/MessiYah and that the Father sent the Set-Apart Spirit which many have come to know as the “Ruach Ha Qodesh” which means Set-Apart Spirit in the name of the Mashyach Yahusha (John 14:26).  We are instructed to lift up Yahusha The Mashyach/MessiYah and it is He who will draw all men to himself.  I am compelled to believe that we lift up our Mashyach/MessiYah by our obedience and worship.  If you can receive this, Yahusha is Yahuah’s Word manifest in the flesh; they are one.  

I believe the original scriptures were inspired by the Spirit of Yahuah and acknowledge the writings from Genesis to Revelation as such.  I believe the written text is designed for teachings and guidance however, without the Spirit making the words alive; the letters will kill.  It is for this reason that it would be wise to develop a goal to worship & obey The Almighty One Yahuah. We are informed that the Spirit of Yahusha (again which many say as the Ruach HaQodesh) will teach us and bring all things to remembrance.  With the aforementioned stated in scripture, it would be wise for us to depend on the Spirit of Yahusha to understand the living message in All Scriptures.  Man has tampered with the written text in many different ways … as a result changes have been made, however; through the Living Set-Apart Spirit of Yahusha one can come to know the living message in spite man’s tampering.

The information provided at this site is designed for the pure-in-heart individuals who seek to grow in righteousness.  I do not profess to know everything nor do I believe any prophecy is with private interpretation.  With the aforementioned stated, I seek to share what I am compelled to present to you as a watchman of Yahusha.  I invite each of you to judge the words presented on this site and judge righteously.  We as believers who seek to worship & obey the Most High Father Yahuah through the submission to the Spirit of Yahusha can and some of us will learn to righteously reason with one another.  Iron-Shapening-Iron represents to like metals used to perfect the abilities of their use; we can participate in such by first identifying our likeness and then yielding to one another as righteous instructions & guidance is brought forth by the Spirit of Yahusha in us.

We have read about the mouth of a donkey being opened as well as if necessary, the Most High Father Yahuah could cause the stones to cry out.  We have also read about how it is the Spirit of Yahusha that dwells in us, thus it would be wise to realize we can be used by Him and work to build one another up in worship & obedience to the Most High Father.

We are in a season of preparedness; the favor and mercies of the Almighty Father is allowing many of us to witness the unfolding of the signs of the times.  I am compelled to believe just as Noah and Lot assembled their family before destruction; there will come a time when the Spirit of Yahusha will gather His Family (those who seek to do the will of the Almighty Father) to a place of safety.  I further believe that we will witness a demonstration of such before the actual return of the Mashyach/MessiYah - Yahusha.  Look around you may be able to witness many of us beginning to experience an influence preparing us for a role in the fulfillment of latter day prophecy.  The tribes of Yashar'al will be revealed and a portion along with those grafted into the branch of Yashar'al will return to a place that has been designated by Yahuah. 

Many will be surprised to see that Yashar’al - An Awakening Nation of Believers who seek to do the will of the Almighty Father Yahuah consist of both Hebrew & Goyim/Gentiles (other nations) who seek to do the will of the Father - Almighty Yahuah and accept Yahusha as Mashyach/MessiYah.  All who seek to do the will of the Father are made one by Yahusha Ha Mashyach/MessiYah.

Over centuries; lies, deceit and much deception have occurred pertaining to the Torah (the instructions of Yahuah) and the inspired written word.  Many have focused their understanding and beliefs, thinking that the instructions Mosheh/Moses received; is the only Torah - this word means instruction.  We serve a living Almighty One - Yahuah who dwells within us and through the Set-Apart Spirit Yahusha we receive living teachings, instructions and guidance.  It is erroneous to think that the only instructions came to Mosheh/Moses.  This term, “Torah” has been sensationalized by people and erroneously understood.  In time there will be those who will discover the truth; our levels of understanding differ thus, it has resulted in extreme teachings from some individuals and organizations.  Discovering righteousness may sometimes seem confusing and/or challenging, at the least; Yahusha will reveal all that is righteous.  All doubt will be removed for the pure-in-heart, set-apart ones but to those who are rebellious, confusion will be the fruit of their actions.

Let this site be a beginning or act as confirmation to discoveries you make while on your journey to grow in righteousness.  We must begin to realize time is of the utmost importance for those who are called to be set-apart. We must prepare to yield to the living instructions (Torah) that will result in a gathering designed to prepare us for an exodus to a place designated by Almighty Yahuah.  Many of you know who you are and others will discover their convictions as time presses forward.  There will also be brothers and sisters instructed to stay in place; many of these will die/sleep as martyrs. 

Examine the content of this site thoroughly and righteously.  I invite you to contact me if you have any questions and let us bond together if we are of kindred worship.  It is not my intent to argue, debate, nor get into unproductive discussions with anyone.  If you are one who thinks that he/she is whole then there is nothing we need to discuss.  I embrace the belief that iron sharpens iron.  The dynamics of such can result in instruction that may sometimes be difficult to accept both for me and/or you.  To those who seek righteousness, if we do not find oneness in our understanding, let us be willing to place the matter before the altar of Yahuah; pray, watch, and wait for confirmation, least we find ourselves baring false reports about one another. Come let us join together in obedience to Him who gives us a heartbeat, breath and life beyond which no man can provide. 

Again, I invite you to examine this site thoroughly and hear the message in the words typed or content presented.  May we find a consistent path towards obedience towards the Most High Alahym & Father Yahuah through His sacrificed Son, Yahusha our MessiYah by virtue of the Ruach Ha Qodesh, His set-apart spirit which was sent in Yahusha’s name.



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